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Day Visits and Overnight Stays

Once you book, the site is yours for the day/s.

We concentrate on the prehistoric to Saxon periods, teaching children about the life and skills of the time through practical workshops and experiments. This is a fantastic opportunity to let children learn about their heritage in an active, hands-on and fun environment, as well as teaching them teamwork skills and giving them the chance to try new experiences. A typical day visit allows you to experience a range of planned and well-supervised workshops such as:

  • Green woodworking, thatching and daubing

  • Fire-lighting
  • Whittling and butter-knife making
  • Spinning and weaving
  • Working with willow
  • Pottery and clay workshops
  • Flint-knapping and prehistoric technology
  • Pewter casting

During your visit there will also be demonstrations from volunteers on activities such as cheese making, pole lathing, using a shaving horse and forge work, depending on which volunteers we have on site.

Whilst on site the group will cook their own meals and bake their own bread in our kitchen. Meals are based on Prehistoric or Roman recipes using fresh, and where possible, organic ingredients and cooked using authentic techniques.

We accept groups of up to 30 children aged 7 years and upwards.

For information on booking your visit, please contact our site manager Duncan Allan at