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Feedback From Our School Groups

“I’m writing this letter to say a giant thank you. I think it is the best school trip I’ve ever had. How can you make a school trip so good?”

“Thank you for our outstanding visit to your amazing forest. Your forest was as cool as going to Florida!”

“All the activities were absolutely fun-filled. The pancakes were delicious and lunch was exceedingly yummy.”

“What an amazing time I had. My favourite activity was the fire lighting because it was challenging for me because we had to use a flint and steel just like Minecraft.”

“The village was splendid with its kitchen, round-house, forge, bread oven and weaving shed.”

“What a fantastic day we had den building, making fire, whittling, weaving and making jewellery.”

“I liked the fire lighting because it was as dangerous as being in a cage with a tiger.”

“I loved making the butter knife. I use it for Marmite, butter and peanut butter.”